Q: What is Boba?

A: Boba is made from tapioca, which is also known as "pearls." It is a fun addition to any drink on our menu! Make sure to at least try it once. We promise you won't regret it.

Q: How about Taro, what's that?

A: Taro is a root that has tons of flavor. It's similar to a sweet potato, but it actually tastes like vanilla cake!

Q: Are your drinks fresh? 

A: Yup. All of our drinks are made fresh to order. We hand-squeeze all of our juices every morning. All of our ingredients have an expiration time throughout the day, which we follow. We're committed to serving you our juices only at their peak times! 

Q: What are your most popular drinks?

A:  Definitely our original Bubble Tea, our Grapefruit Green Tea (so good!) our Taro Slush (think vanilla milkshake) our Matcha Latte and our Tropical Special (a staff favorite!) 

Q: Do you serve coffee?

A: Nope, at least not yet, but if you're looking for a "wake-me-up" kick, definitely try any of our green teas or Matcha Latte!

Q: What's good for kids?

A: Kids LOVE our slushies! Especially combined with fun toppings like our boba and coconut jelly.  

Q: Can I hang out at your shop, or is it just a counter? 

A: Feel free to hang out! Both of our Downtown LA locations have ample seating and free wifi! Our Pershing Square location (521 s. Olive St) even has a couch for you and your friends to hang out, or play one of our board games. 

Q: Can I place an order for pick up? 

A: Yes you can! Just give us a call and let us know when you'll be swinging by. We'll have everything ready for you:

Hope St. Location (South Park) : (213) 536-5150

Olive St. Location (Pershing Square): (213) 622-0100

Q: How do I place a delivery order?

A: You can place your delivery order through Postdates! Flat fee of $5 for delivery. No minimum! 

Q: Are you the same Coco Fresh Tea & Juice chain?

A: Yup, we're the same high-quality chain you've seen located outside of Downtown Los Angeles. We're so popular in fact, we have over 1900 stores worldwide!